Citation CJ3+ Market Update December 2023

Our December 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation CJ3+ preowned sales market;

There were no new Citation CJ3+ deliveries from the manufacturer in November, so the fleet size is unchanged since our October update. There are 255 Citation CJ3+ aircraft in operation today, and as of December 7, 2023, there are fourteen available for sale, or 5.5% of the total fleet. That is a slight decline in CJ3+ aircraft for sale since the October update, when sixteen Cj3+ aircraft were listed for sale (6.3% of the fleet).


There were four Citation CJ3+s that sold in November, which is the most in any month this calendar year. The last “high” for sales of the CJ3+ came in December of 2022, with six aircraft changing ownership. Inventory levels and sales are trending upwards to repeat another busy December for Citation CJ3+ sales. The average sold price of Citation CJ3+ aircraft over the last six months is $8.8 million, which is down about $500K since last month. There were no Citation CJ3+ sales in May 2023 which raised the average sold price last month due to higher value CJ3+s in the rolling six-month average.

The four aircraft that sold in November were all traded at or under $8 Million, which brought the average sold price down. The average asking price for Citation CJ3+s for sale is currently $8.8 million, which is up from the October update. There are a couple of late-model CJ3+s with higher asking prices that were listed in November, bringing the average asking price up.


The average days on market for Citation CJ3+s currently for sale is 129 days, up slightly from our October update, which was an average days on market of 119 days. The four CJ3+s that sold in November were on the market for between 60-105 days, which helped lower the average days on market for sold aircraft from 128 in October to 116 in November.


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