Citation CJ4 Market Update December 2023

December 2023 CJ4 Update

Our December 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation CJ4 preowned sales market;

There was one delivery of a new Citation CJ4 Gen2 from the manufacturer in November, bringing the total fleet size up to 420 aircraft for the CJ4 family. There are currently twenty-two for sale (5.2% of the fleet), up from twenty-one (5% of the fleet) in October. There have been consistent new deliveries of the Citation CJ4 Gen2 model, proving this is still a very popular model for light-jet buyers.


There were two Citation CJ4s that sold in November, which is down from seven that changed hands in September, and four in October. The average sold price for Citation CJ4s sold in the last six months has also declined slightly to $9.1 million, down from $9.5 million in September and $9.6 million in October. There was a 2022 Gen2 variant that was sold in October which helped raise the average, and an older model sold in November bringing the average back down. The average asking price for Citation CJ4s on the market now is $8.9 million, which is mostly unchanged from our last two updates ($9 million in September and $8.9 million in October). We will see that number rise as more of the Gen2 variants enter the pre-owned market for sale.


The average days on market for Citation CJ4s currently for sale is 130 days, essentially unchanged from our October update, which was 131 days. The average days on market for sold Citation CJ4s over the last six months is 97 days, also mostly unchanged from our last two updates (91 days in September and 93 days in October). The Citation CJ4 and Gen2 variant continue to trade at a quick pace, again showing the continued popularity of this light-jet leader.


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