Citation CJ4 Market Update June 2024

June 2024 Citation CJ4 Market Report - The Jet Agent

Our June 2024 update on what’s happening in the Citation CJ4 preowned sales market;

There were 3 new Citation CJ4 Gen2s delivered in May, increasing the total CJ4 fleet size from 435 to 438 aircraft in operation. Of the 438 CJ4s, 29 are currently for sale, representing 6.6% of the fleet. This is an increase from the previous month, when there were 23 CJ4s for sale, or 5.3% of the fleet.

The 29 Citation CJ4s listed for sale have been on the market for an average of 121 days, up slightly from the previous month when the average was 116 days. Listing activity has been on the rise so far in 2024, with many of the new listings being later model CJ4s (including Gen2 variants). This has brought a higher range in asking prices as well, with the CJ4s for sale currently ranging in ask prices from $5,695,000 to $12,950,000. While there are still some early model CJ4s available for sale at an attractive price point, many of the new listings are late model CJ4s commanding a higher ask price and giving potential buyers the option to own a “nearly new” Citation CJ4 without waiting for the delivery backlog at the manufacturer.

There were 2 Citation CJ4 sales in May, and over the last six months, 22 CJ4s have changed ownership.  4 of the CJ4s that sold were off-market transactions. The 18 CJ4s that were listed took an average of 113 days to transact, down just slightly from then previous month when the average was 116 days. The later model CJ4s that have been brought to the market lately have been commanding higher asking prices, which translates into higher sold prices as well. The CJ4s (and Gen2 variants) that have sold over the last six months range in sold price from $7,100,000 to $12,500,000. 

If you are considering the sale or acquisition of a Citation CJ4, use the services of a firm that specializes in this airframe to ensure you make the best deal.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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