Citation CJ4 Market Update October 2023

Our October 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation CJ4 preowned sales market;

In September, 3 more Citation CJ4s were added to the fleet, thanks to new deliveries from the manufacturer, bringing the fleet to a total of 414 aircraft. The CJ4 Gen2 remains a very popular variation of the CJ4, and continued fleet growth supports that.

As more of the Gen2 variants enter the pre-owned sales market, we have seen the average asking price rise month-over-month from $8.37 Million to $9.04 Million. These Gen2 variants and their enhanced equipment come with a higher price tag, bringing the average ask price up almost $700,000. Since our September update, the average sold price has also risen just over $300,000 to $9.51 Million due to a couple 2020 model year CJ4s selling (which commanded a higher price point).

September was an active month for the CJ4 preowned market, with 5 changing ownership.   With new delivery backlogs at the manufacturer, buyers that need an aircraft now are taking advantage of slightly used options in the pre-owned market and avoiding the long wait to take delivery of a factory new option.

As we enter Q4, the busiest season in pre-owned business aircraft sales, it is more important than ever to work with a professional and ethical aircraft broker. From negotiating contracts, to helping find the perfect aircraft for you (whether on-market or off-market), using the right aircraft broker can make all the difference in your experience and help prevent you from overpaying in a changing marketplace

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