Citation Encore Market Update April 2024

April 2024 Citation Encore Market Update The Jet Agent

Our April 2024 update on what’s happening in the Citation Encore preowned sales market;

There are 159 Citation Encores in operation today, and of those, 6 are currently for sale. This represents 3.8% of the fleet for sale, unchanged since last month. The Encore is beloved by its owners and operators, so we don’t see many come for sale very often, which leads to a lower number of sales compared to other fleets.

Citation Encores currently for sale have been on the market for an average of 134 days, which is just a touch higher than last month when the average was 128 days. This average had been steadily decreasing since December 2023 when the average was 173 days due to aging units being withdrawn from the market and replaced with newer listings.

The Encores available for sale today range in ask price from $2,925,000 to $5,850,000. 

2 Citation Encores sold in March and 8 have sold over the last six months. Of those 8, the sold price range was roughly $2,800,000 to $4,125,000.  These Encores averaged 96 days on the market, which is a lower average than we saw in many other Citation markets including newer in-production models during the same time period. 

The Encore remains a popular, albeit quiet, choice for those operators that understand the immense value and performance offered by this stalwart Citation.  Sellers of good pedigree aircraft will see the popularity of this aircraft in a quick sale if the aircraft is priced correctly for today’s market.  

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