Citation Encore Market Update December 2023

Our December 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation Encore preowned sales market;

The Citation Encore fleet consists of 159 aircraft today. Currently, there are eight available for sale, or 5% of the fleet. This reflects no change from our October update, as one Encore sold in November and one Encore entered the market for sale in November. While listing and sales activity for the Citation Encore pales in comparison to the CJ3 and CJ3+, it has remained a steady and active market. It continues to be a favorite for passengers and pilots alike.


As mentioned previously, only one Citation Encore was sold in November. Ten have sold over the last six months, proving that this is still an aircraft that is in demand among prospective buyers/owners. The average asking price of Citation Encores on the market for sale is $3.39 million, down just slightly from $3.404 million in October. The average sold price over the last 6 months is $3.475 million. The average asking price and average sold price have stayed relatively close over the last couple months, showing that buyers and sellers agree on the value of the Citation Encore.


The average days on market for Citation Encores currently for sale is 133 days. This is up from 110 days last month, as a few higher hour charter planes continue to stay available for sale. The average days on market for sold Citation Encores is 81 days, down slightly from 86 days in October. This suggests that the lower hour, owner/operator pedigree have remained more desirable for buyers looking to buy a Citation Encore.


Q4 2023 has been a whirlwind. As year-end approaches, there are still opportunities to find the perfect business aircraft for your needs. Working with a professional aircraft broker ensures a smooth transaction and timely results, as well as access to off-market aircraft that are not publicly advertised. Contact The Jet Agent today for a consultation with our professional Sales Directors and let us put our expertise and relationships to work for you in your search for your first or next aircraft.

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