Citation Encore Market Update July 2023

July 2023 Citation Encore Update - The Jet Agent

Our July 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation Encore preowned sales market;

The Citation Encore fleet is currently sitting at 159 total aircraft. The amount of Citation Encores for sale has been rising steadily over the last 6 months. In February there were only 3 for sale, rising to 11 for sale in June. Since the amount of Citation Encores for sale has increased more recently, the average days on market for available units is still relatively low at 86 days. The sold units averaged 142 days on market. There are a mix of available Citation Encores available for sale, with some being family-owned aircraft with relatively low hours, and others being retired charter aircraft with over 10,000 hours total time. The average ask price with that being considered is still at $3,793,375, which is strong for the Citation Encore, and suggests that this aircraft is holding its value very well.  Buyers still appreciate the value and performance the Citation Encore brings compared to other light jet models. There were some wholesale deals made in the last 6 months which are weighing down the average sold price, which is $3,075,000. We expect to see this rise as more retail sales are reported and we get further away from the wholesale transactions.

The Citation Encore is a unique aircraft, and still highly sought after. However, finding a quality Citation Encore may be a bit more difficult than other aircraft. Contact The Jet Agent today and let us show you our expertise in this market and find you the best options available. With a wealth of knowledge on the Citation Encore, The Jet Agent is your go-to resource for this market.

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