Citation Encore Market Update June 2024

June 2024 Citation Encore Market Report - The Jet Agent

Our June 2024 update on what’s happening in the Citation Encore preowned sales market;

The Citation Encore family has 159 aircraft in operation today, and of those, there are currently 7 for sale, representing 4.4% of the fleet. This is one Encore fewer for sale since last month, when there were 8 for sale, or 5% of the fleet.

The 7 Citation Encores that are for sale today have been on the market for an average of 157 days to date, up 34 days from the previous month when the average was 123 days. There were no new listings of Encores brought to the market over the past 60 days, causing the average to rise each month until a new listing enters the market for sale. The Citation Encores for sale today range in asking price from $2,900,000 to $5,850,000. That range includes a retired charter plane with high hours and a recently updated Encore with new paint and interior, new avionics, and freshly overhauled engines.

Shifting focus now to sales data, there was 1 Citation Encore sold in May 2024, and 8 have sold over the last six months. 4 of those sales were off-market transactions of aircraft that were never publicly advertised. The on-market Encores took an average of 107 days to sell once listed, which is up from the previous month when the average was 89 days. The Encores that traded over the last six months range in sold price from roughly $2,800,000 to $4,125,000. 

The Citation Encore remains a favorite among owners and pilots alike, and aircraft with solid pedigrees still command a strong sales price, even as this legacy Citation fleet ages. 

Each aircraft market is unique and full of intricacies that can be difficult to follow. As the markets shift, it is more important than ever to work with a professional aircraft broker who studies these markets daily and can make expert recommendations based on actual market data. If you are interested in buying or selling an aircraft, or are just interested in learning more about the Citation markets, contact The Jet Agent today and let our team of experts share our knowledge with you.

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