Citation M2 Market Update June 2023

July 2023 Citation M2 Update - The Jet Agent

Our June 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation M2 preowned sales market;

With the additional factory new delivery of three Citation M2 Gen2 aircraft in May, the M2 fleet grew to 342 units.

Last month, we reported a surprising increase in the number of Citation M2s listed for sale (see our May update here).  That number has somewhat stabilized, with currently 7.6% of the fleet for sale at this time.

The Citation M2 is still proving to be a great entry aircraft for buyers looking for their first jet. Buyers are electing to use representation as they make the move into the jet market for the first time. Interestingly, we have not seen any off-market sales since March 2023.  That makes sense considering there is a great selection of Citation M2s available for sale on-market, averaging between 20 and 30 at any given time since December 2022.

The Citation M2 list prices and sold prices have remained relatively steady over the last few months. We are continuing to see a few more M2s come to market each month.  

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