Citation M2 Market Update May 2024

May 2024 Citation M2 Market Report - The Jet Agent

Our May 2024 update on what’s happening in the Citation M2 preowned sales market;

There are 367 Citation M2s (including the Gen2 variant) in operation today, up 3 from our April market update. Of the 367 M2s in operation, 24 are for sale today, or 6.5% of the fleet. This is up 3 aircraft from last month, when there were 21 for sale (5.8% of the fleet).

The aircraft available for sale today have been on the market for an average of 94 days. This is up from 75 days last month. Citation M2s that sold in April were aircraft that had spent less time on the market, causing the older listings to continue to age, driving the average up. The M2s currently for sale range in asking price from $3,395,000 to $6,695,000.

Over the last six months, there have been 34 Citation M2s (including the Gen2) sold. These aircraft spent an average of 121 days on the market, which is down 42 days since last month. Just like the average days on market above, this average was affected by more recent listings selling in April; however, it has an inverse effect on the days on market for sold aircraft. Of the 34 M2s that sold, they range in sold price from $3,550,000 to $5,900,000. 

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