Citation M2 Market Update October 2023

Our October 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation M2 preowned sales market;

One new Citation M2 delivery occurred in September, growing the fleet to 349 total aircraft (including the Gen2 variant). At the time this market update was published, there were 27 Citation M2s, including the Gen2, available for sale which represents 7.7% of the fleet.


Over the last three months, we have seen the average asking price rise from $4.67 Million to $4.81 Million. The average sold price has also risen during the same time period from $4.65 Million to $4.74 Million. Most of the Citation M2s that have sold lately have transacted in that range, with a couple above $5 Million, and one below $4 Million, weighing down the average slightly.


Sales for the Citation M2 peaked in August with 9 sales and fell in September with only 3 changing ownership. Over the last 6 months, 30 Citation M2s have sold. Sales activity and listing activity have almost mirrored each other, which is not uncommon for this M2 market. The more Citation M2s that get listed monthly resulted in corresponding sales trends. The Citation M2 pre-owned market is healthy, and sales are occurring often, and plenty are still available for sale going into Q4.


As we enter Q4, the busiest season in pre-owned business aircraft sales, it is more important than ever to work with a professional and ethical aircraft broker. From negotiating contracts, to helping find the perfect aircraft for you (whether on-market or off-market), using the right aircraft broker can make all the difference in your experience.



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