Citation M2 Market Update September 2023

Our September 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation M2 preowned sales market;

The strongest pre-owned sales performance for the Citation M2 (and GEN2) so far this year was in August.  While only 3 sold in July, there were 9 Citation M2s that changed hands in August. 


Inventory levels for pre-owned Citation M2 have been a bit high this year, but May and August delivered plenty of sales showing that the inflated inventory levels are nothing to worry about for the Citation M2. This is a phenomenal aircraft for first-time jet owners, and that sentiment still is strong in the industry, proven by strong sales of both factory new deliveries and pre-owned transactions. 


Looking at the trends for days on market, the Citation M2s that took longer to sell were older model years (2014-2016) or European based aircraft. Citation M2s that sold quicker tended to be newer models (GEN2) and US based aircraft. Also worth noting, the M2 GEN2 variant, while very popular, has had a slight softening in sold prices being reported.


The average asking price is currently the highest it has been in a few months as well, at $4.79 Million, and the average sold price rose since last month to $4.71 Million. This is due to a few more GEN2 models being listed on the market, and newer model year Citation M2s (including the GEN2) selling recently.  The pre-owned inventory is still well situated for a busy Q4, and the M2 is sure to perform well from here until year end. 


Heading into Q4, it is important now more than ever to secure expert, professional representation whether buying or selling an aircraft. Having skilled negotiators working on your behalf is important during the busiest time of year for aircraft sales. Contact The Jet Agent today, and let us get to work for you, helping buy or sell your next jet.

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