Citation Mustang Market Update July 2023

July 2023 Citation Mustang Update - The Jet Agent

Our July 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation Mustang preowned sales market;

The Citation Mustang has 473 aircraft in the fleet, with 24 currently for sale (5.1% of the fleet is for sale). This has been a lively market to follow the last 6 months, with available aircraft for sale rising from 19 in January to 39 in May. We saw a slight dip in Citation Mustangs for sale in June, with 32 available at some point during the month. Sales followed the same trend as listings, with 1 sale in January, and 13 in May, although sales dipped slightly in June to 8 transactions.

There are some aging Citation Mustangs listed for sale, bringing the average days on market currently to 216 days. The Citation Mustangs that are selling have enjoyed a more reasonable time on market, at an average of 95 days. Lately, this has been one of the busiest markets that we follow and doesn’t show signs of a major slowdown.

In a market as busy as the Citation Mustang, it is important to work with an expert broker when looking to buy one. Contact The Jet Agent today, and we can give you an in-depth look at all available options, whether on or off-market. This is a busy market, and making your offer stand out is key.

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