Citation Mustang Market Update June 2023

June 2023 Mustang Update - The Jet Agent

Our June 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation Mustang preowned sales market;

Wow, the Mustang market is on fire! We have watched steady growth in listings and sales of Mustang aircraft since December. In an interesting turn of events, we saw the Mustang perform better in May 2023 than in December 2022, often considered “busy season”. Sales jumped from 6 in April to 12 in May, and inventory levels keep rising as well (see our market reports for April 2023 here and May 2023 here). 

There are 473 Mustangs in the fleet, and we are watching them hit the market and sell rather quickly, with an average “days on market” for sold aircraft of 82 days. Pricing is also strong for the Mustang, with average asking price of $2.08M and average sold price of $2.1 million.

Sellers of Citation Mustangs are advised to list their aircraft with specialists on this model aircraft in order to set the price right from the beginning and minimize time on market, in anticipation of possible continued inventory increases over the next few months.  Buyers should consult with an acquisition consultant to be sure they aren’t missing out on off-market options or overpaying for their new aircraft.

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