Citation Mustang Market Update May 2024

May 2024 Citation Mustang Market Report - The Jet Agent

Our May 2024 update on what’s happening in the Citation Mustang preowned sales market;

Currently, the operational landscape of Citation Mustangs encompasses 472 aircraft, with 33 listed for sale, constituting approximately 7% of the total fleet. This figure reflects a slight decrease from the previous month, where 35 Mustangs were available for sale, representing 7.4% of the fleet. Notably, this decline aligns with the typical trend observed following the conclusion of a busy Q4, as we transition into the summer season.

Of the 33 Citation Mustangs available for sale, their tenure on the market averages 153 days, with asking prices spanning from $599,000 to $2,525,000. Within this market segment, there exists a diverse array of offerings, ranging from former charter aircraft with substantial flight hours to high pedigree Mustangs boasting minimal usage combined with updated avionics, paint, and interior.

Turning our attention to the 37 Citation Mustangs that changed ownership over the past six months, their average time on the market was 110 days, with sold prices ranging from $775,000 to $2,670,000. Notably, close to 50% of these transactions occurred off-market, underscoring the distinct nature of the Citation Mustang market. Despite the considerable availability of Mustangs for public sale, there persists a notable trend of direct transactions between owners, without the involvement of intermediaries. This highlights the robust sense of community and trust within the Mustang owner network.

Each aircraft market is unique and full of intricacies that can be difficult to follow. As the markets shift, it is more important than ever to work with a professional aircraft broker who studies these markets daily and can make expert recommendations based on actual market data.

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