Citationjet 525 Market Update June 2023

June 2023 Citationjet CJ 525 Update - The Jet Agent

Our June 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citationjet 525 “CJ” preowned sales market;

May was an interesting month for light jet sales. As we look at the lineup of aircraft we are following (Citationjet 525 “CJ”, CJ1, CJ2+, CJ3, CJ3+, M2, Mustang, Encore, Sovereign+) we’ve noticed that the smaller the jet, the better they are selling. The Citationjet and Mustang were the strongest performers this month. The Citationjet has maintained a steady level of aircraft available for sale the last 6 months, and sales have been trending up month over month since December. They are proving to still be sought after by many buyers, primarily due to the relatively lower acquisition cost and the ability to update the avionics to the Garmin G600.  The Citationjets that sold in May were on the market for an average of 137 days before selling. Even with inventory levels hovering around 6% for the CJ, there is still healthy movement in the market and quality aircraft changing hands.

Like any other market, finding quality aircraft is key. Consult with an expert in the Citation field to unlock access to aircraft you may not even know are available! There are great deals out there, and working with an acquisition expert will ensure you find the right jet for your needs.

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