Citationjet 525 Market Update November 2023

Our November 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citationjet 525 “CJ” preowned sales market;

Of the 335 Citation Jets (CJ) in operation today, 23 were available for sale at the time this update was published which is 6.9% of the fleet. This is up slightly from our October update which had 20 (6%) available for sale.

The average asking price is up slightly since our last update, from $1.66MM to $1.72MM, while the average sold price dropped slightly from $1.72MM to $1.68MM. Most of the CJs on the market are marketed with an engine program, and we are seeing more being offered with upgraded avionics. This is the primary cause for the increase in asking price lately.

The number of CJs on the market currently is higher than the 6-month average. Currently there is 6.9% of the fleet available, while the 6-month average is 5.7%. This is usual for Q4, as this period is the busiest time of the year for pre-owned aircraft sales.


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