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Access Off-Market Aircraft

The best aircraft are rarely advertised.

Access Our Private List

We know who is considering selling their aircraft, and when.

Make Your Purchase Seamless

Reduce your risk, frustration and time to purchase.

Prepurchase inspections were in our favor.

“With Denise’s assistance, my company was able to acquire three new aircraft and establish a new flight department. She managed every aspect of the acquisitions, negotiating favorable prices for each aircraft and ensuring that the prepurchase inspections were in our favor.

Denise also proved instrumental in recommending an excellent flight department manager and remains a valuable ongoing resource as we continue to develop our business aviation strategy.

Above all, Denise’s commitment to prioritizing our safety and securing reliable aircraft was truly exceptional. I wholeheartedly recommend her acquisition services to anyone seeking assistance in establishing a new flight department or upgrading their existing aircraft.”

Jason Reid
Jason Reid

The best aircraft are rarely listed publicly.

Most of the jets we sell are sold privately, or “off-market”. In 2022, as many as 80% of transactions that occurred were off or pre-market sales.

We keep in constant contact with jet owners so that we know when they plan to move out of their current aircraft, opening opportunities for your purchase.

But it’s not just about finding the best jet for you:

You need to know what to do with the jet when you get it.

That’s where our expertise and experience comes in. You won’t find yourself on the day of delivery wondering, “What do I do now?”  We will help guide you on best operating and maintenance practices so that when the time comes to sell, you will have maximized the value of the aircraft.

Relying solely on “Controller” is a waste of time as most planes are already sold or don’t have asking prices.

The inexperienced and non-specialized just rely on “Controller”. This will just waste your time and give you the wrong expectation about which aircraft are available to you.

Using an agent who doesn’t specialize in your desired aircraft model will mean you end up paying too much.

An agent who doesn’t know specialize in a particular model won’t know what to look for or what questions to ask. 

What about insurance? It can be hard to get this right. 

Don’t worry, our connections and knowledge will ensure we locate the right coverage in almost every circumstance.

“Our relationships with aircraft owners and other industry partners means we have an edge in locating difficult-to-find aircraft.

~Denise Wilson, President, The Jet Agent


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Here’s How We Go About BUYING Your Jet

1. schedule a call

Let’s talk. We'll learn about your needs and create a plan that addresses all the areas involved in the transition to your jet.

2. It's time to confirm

We will bring you only the best aircraft, ensuring the right price and no wasted time. Once you say yes, we start the negotiation process and get you the right price.

3. Take to the skies

It’s time to take your first flight. Flight crew is ready, all regulatory compliance issues are addressed and you are ready to go!

"Despite my experience as a pilot with a large operator, starting a flight department from scratch was uncharted territory for me. Denise proved to be an invaluable asset in guiding me through the aircraft purchase and flight department setup process. Her expertise goes beyond just buying an aircraft; she provides a level of service that is truly exceptional."

Adam Stoughton
Adam Stoughton
Flight Department Manager

Helping you buy for the right price is important to us.

If at any point during this process you are unhappy with our services, you can cancel as long as we have not entered into a purchase agreement.

It’s time to buy your aircraft with confidence, knowing you have a specialist working for you.

Get it at the right price, without wasting time and on the day of delivery, knowing exactly what to do.

We literally wrote the book on buying and selling jets.

Want to avoid the mistakes most buyers make?

The Insider's Guide to Buying and Selling Jets

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We literally wrote the book on buying and selling jets.

Want to avoid the mistakes most buyers make?

The Insider's Guide to Buying and Selling Jets

Sign up for your free copy