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Becoming an aircraft sales agent is an exciting and challenging career path that requires a unique combination of skills, knowledge, and industry connections.

As an aircraft sales agent, you will play a crucial role in facilitating the buying and selling of aircraft as an intermediary between buyers and sellers to ensure smooth transactions in a highly specialized market.

Many find this position to be highly rewarding. One of the many benefits is the balance of remote work and exciting fieldwork; from completing visual inspections of aircraft, doing cursory logbook and records reviews, and overseeing pre-purchase mechanical inspections, there’s always something new!

Other roles in this field include support work such as researching and tracking aircraft data such as sales data, historical maintenance and operational data and making correlations in the overall preowned jet markets using analytical data trends.

2001 Citation Encore 560-0573 Cockpit

The successful Aircraft Sales agents in this field have the following qualities:

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If you are feeling stuck in your current position and not appreciated for what you bring to your team, it’s time to consider a move.  Life is too short to be unfulfilled even one more day.

2001 Citation Encore 560-0573 Interior

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