Citation M2 Market Update May 2023

May 2023 Citation M2 Update

Our May 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation M2 preowned sales market;

With the additional factory new delivery of three Citation M2 Gen2 aircraft in April, the M2 fleet grew to 339 units.

 The Citation M2 fleet has always been somewhat of a transitory market, with a large number of pilot owners moving to bigger and faster aircraft after getting some time in type and jet experience.  So, we are used to seeing a larger percentage of the fleet for sale at any given time, compared to some other models.  But recently we have seen a substantial rise in the number of Citation M2s available for sale as well as an increase in the number of off-market aircraft that are available. With 8% of the fleet now available for sale, we would normally expect to see some of the sky-high pricing we’ve seen over the last two years soften a bit.  Instead, we are still finding some sellers trying to test the upper end of asking prices for preowned Citation M2s and buyers starting to balk, especially when asking prices are skewed higher than recently sold comparable data indicate.

Despite some opportunistic efforts, the Citation M2 is still a great aircraft in this market and desirable options are available to discerning buyers.  Sellers are advised to list their aircraft with specialists on their model aircraft in order to set the price right from the beginning and minimize time on market, in anticipation of possible continued inventory increases over the next few months.  Buyers should consult with an acquisition consultant to be sure they aren’t missing out on off-market options or overpaying for their new aircraft.

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