Citation Encore Market Update May 2023

May 2023 Citation Encore Update

Our May 2023 update on what’s happening in the Citation Encore preowned sales market;

The Citation Encore is proving to still be a very popular and viable option for owners who are educated on the benefits this aircraft brings in terms of performance and its relative value compared to other similar light jets. Encore owners tend to hang on to their aircraft which results in few Encores coming to market. Once hitting the market, they are selling quicker than most other light jets. The current inventory of Citation Encore aircraft for sale has an average of 53 days on market, with sold aircraft in the last 6 months only averaging 99 days on the market. Average asking prices vary greatly depending upon engine program status and, if no engine program, the proximity to the next major overhaul interval. 

The most desirable Citation Encores are those with fresh or recent overhauls, and/or on a robust engine program such as ESP Gold. 

As this is a niche market (only 159 Citation Encores are currently in operation), it is imperative that sellers turn to specialists in this market to price the aircraft accurately so that it sells without languishing on the market.  Buyers are advised to use an acquisition consultant as they seek a good quality Encore, as significant value-decreasing factors can be difficult to spot when looking at this preowned market. 

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